35th Anniversary Celebration

On Wednesday, 20th September, we hosted an event celebrating 35 years since the first publications from CCRI, which was then known as the CCRU (‘Unit’ rather than ‘Institute’).  

Despite some very wet and windy weather, neither our spirit nor those who joined us was dampened as we reflected on where we have come from, but most importantly, where we are currently and where we might head.

Former researchers and professional staff joined us, along with long-term collaborators, individuals interested in our research, and people from industry with whom we are developing new collaborations.

CCRI Director Matt Reed said, “Thirty-five years in a sector as competitive and dynamic as research is a considerable achievement of which the whole team is proud.  What came through on the day was how our heritage has shaped the ethos of our team and our research approach.  Colleagues who left or retired some years ago have created a legacy informing our research today.  Discussing our future plans with friends and collaborators as we continue our research was inspiring.”  

All presentations were recorded by Unit One Films, and we will include more details about these in our newsletter soon. If you would like receive our newsletter you can subscribe via the button at the bottom of this page. Slides from the day are all available on our SlideShare page.