Matt Reed and Pippa Simmonds record Podcast

CCRI Director Matt Reed and PhD student Pippa Simmonds have recently recorded a Podcast for the ‘People Place and Nature Podcast’ series which seeks to connect professionals with people in the context of the the environmental world. Dozens of episodes are available covering a wide variety of topics and issues. Examples include the climate crisis, ageing populations and gardening. The title of Matt and Pippa’s Podcast is ‘Farming, Sustainability, and the Food Cycle’. If you would like to find out more about the Podcasts produced by People Place and Nature, then you can watch a trailer on their website.

The Podcast series is hosted by Niall Williams who is a landscape architect and Director of ND Landscape Architects Limited. Niall comes from a mixed professional background and is a former Trustee of the Landscape Institute and a past Delegate to the International Federation of Landscape Architects World and European Councils. Niall’s professional experiences has enabled him to witness the range of challenges that our world faces and solutions which have often already been developed. However, these challenges and associated solutions are often known about by a minority of people. It is via these Podcasts he hopes to highlight the challenges and solutions amongst the wider public and also develop stronger networks.

In Pippa’s and Matt’s Podcast a range of topics are discussed, such as organic produce, sustainable farming, packaging and engaging with communities. A key theme throughout the Podcast however was the connection between farming and many other aspects of life.

You can watch the Podcast below: