New online Toolbox aims to help EU farmers switch to soil-friendly practices

An article regarding the SmartSOIL toolbox has been published in Agra Europe.

The CCRI was one of twelve partner organisations from Denmark, Italy, The Netherlands, Spain, France, Germany, Poland, Belgium Hungary and the UK, working on the SmartSOIL project, which started in 2011 and recently come to a close at a conference held in Brussels.

The conference presented the results of the SmartSOIL project and offered a forum to discuss the implications and opportunities for policy and practitioners. CCRI’s Dr Julie Ingram introduced the approach taken to developing the main output of the project, the SmartSOIL decision support toolbox, which aims to help advisers, farmers and policy-makers identify cost effective management options to optimise crop yields and soil carbon for particular farming systems, soils and climates.

CCRI Senior Research Fellow, Jane Mills, worked with Julie Ingram in the CCRI research team and also attended the conference.

There is more information about the SmartSOIL toolbox on the project website (