Dan Keech presents work on urban gardening in Bavaria

© Zentrum Welterbe Bamberg, picture: Jürgen Schraudner
Bamberg market gardens. Urban horticulture.  © Zentrum Welterbe Bamberg: Jürgen Schraudner

Dan Keech is presenting work on the cultures of urban gardening in Bavaria at an international conference in Riga, Latvia, which is taking place on 13th and 14th October.

Together with Professor Marc Redepenning, University of Bamberg, Dan is presenting ‘City horticulture – rural identity: World Heritage in Bamberg, Bavaria’, at the first international research and practical conference Alternative Food Supply Networks in Central and Eastern Europe: Towards new grounds for interpretation and collaboration’ organised by the Baltic Studies Centre and the Latvian Academy of Culture.

The conference aims to facilitate a systematic reflection of how alternative food networks in Central and Eastern Europe are developed, practiced and theorised.

Dan is also co-convening one of the discussion sessions on project proposals and future collaboration, together with Boldizsár Megyesi, from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

Dr Dan Keech

Dan already has connections to Eastern Europe and is a visiting lecturer at Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic. He also recently had a paper published in Moravian Geographical Reports a Czech Republic journal:

Reed, M. and Keech, D. (2017) Urban agriculture as a place-making tool: narratives about place and space in Ghent, Brno and Bristol Moravian Geographical Reports.  2017, 25(3): 154–165. doi: 10.1515/mgr-2017-0014

Dan’s presentation can be viewed on the CCRI Slideshare page.

See the conference programme.