Julie Ingram discusses how to develop effective decision support for managing soil organic matter

Julie Ingram is giving a presentation called ‘Developing effective decision support for managing soil organic matter – stakeholder perspectives’, at a mini-symposium in Wageningen today, 4th October 2017.

The symposium is entitled ‘Soil organic matter in agricultural systems: challenges and opportunities’ and Julie’s presentation is based on her research under the EU funded SmartSOil project, which contributed to reversing the current degradation trend of European agricultural soils by improving soil carbon management in soils of arable and mixed farming systems.

The project, which ran from 2011 – 2015, produced an innovative ‘Toolbox’ to help farmers achieve a good balance between crop productivity, soil health and soil carbon storage.

The following two papers also came out of the project:

Ingram, J., Mills, J., Dibari, C., Ferrise, R., Ghaley, B.B., Hansen, J.G., Iglesias, A., Karaczun , Z., McVittie , A., Merante, P., Molnar, A. and Sánchez, B. (2016) ‘Communicating soil carbon science to farmers: incorporating credibility, salience and legitimacy’. Journal of Rural Studies 48 , 115-128. Access paper online.

Ingram, J., Mills, J., Frelih-Larsen, A., Davis, M., Merante, P., Ringrose, S., Molnar, A., Sánchez, B., Bahadur Ghaley, B.and Karaczun, Z. (2014) ‘Managing Soil Organic Carbon: A Farm Perspective’ Eurochoices Volume 13, Issue 2, pages 12–19, August. Access paper online.

CCRI project page for SmartSoil – Sustainable Farm Management Aimed at Reducing Threats to SOILs under climate change