Defra’s 25 year plan for nature

On Tuesday 3rd November Chris Short attended a Defra workshop in London, hosted by Rory Stewart MP.  The aim of the workshop was to explore how, through partnership, the recently proposed 25 year plan for nature can be developed and delivered.

Chris has written a blog about the possible outcomes of the workshop in which he reflects whether this is the start of a conversation which will oversee the development of a plan that represents a sound future for the UK/England environment.

In his reflections, Chris noted that a common theme throughout the day was accessibility to data and developing knowledge and learning in a collaborative way and suggests that there are a number of projects in the CCRI that should be part of this conversation. For example, our work on local delivery models and partnership, the links between nature and health and wellbeing, system-based thinking and place-based approaches, as well as ecosystem services and policy approaches.

Follow this link to read the Chris’ blog.