GLAMUR story published

A CCRI research team is currently one of 15 pan-European partners working on an EU project called GLAMUR – “Global and Local food chain Assessment: a MUltidimensional performance-based approach”. A story on the project has just been published on the Horizon 2020 website.

The project is developing a flexible method to assess different food supply systems. Designed for use by governments and businesses, the method analyses the economic, environmental, social, health and ethical aspects of systems. Furthermore, it enables users to easily focus on the aspects that matter most to them from a set of frequent stakeholder concerns and aims to help policymakers shape food supply systems so that they are better for people and the world around us.

The CCRI team has taken an active role in all the work packages associated with this project, and have led a work package which provides the framing for the overall project. This has entailed developing a framework for analysing how food chains are currently being assessed in terms of their performance across the 15 partners involved in the project.

The CCRI research team is Dr James Kirwan, Dr Damian Maye, Dr Dan Keech and Dilshaad Bundhoo. The project is being coordinated by Wageningen University and academically led by Professor Gianluca Brunori of the University of Pisa.  It began in February 2013 and is due to complete in February 2016.