Celebrations as first five graduates from MSc in Sustainable Environments receive their awards

There were celebrations yesterday (26 November) at the University of Gloucestershire Awards Ceremony as the first five graduates from the MSc in Sustainable Environments were presented with their postgraduate degrees.

SUSgrads2 (2) november 2015
Daniel Millin, Chris Short (Senior Research Fellow and Senior Lecturer), Dan Keech (Research Fellow and Lecturer ), Alex Ward and Josh Gripton at the Awards Ceremony

The five successful candidates were Alex Ward, Jessica Hambling, Josh Gripton, Daniel Millin and Tom Peters, and their postgraduate accomplishments have helped all five students to secure good jobs.

Jessica Hambling wrote her dissertation on ‘Management of Ancient Trees in Savernake Forest’ and now works for EDF Energy.

Josh Gripton wrote his dissertation on ‘Parks and Greenspace in Birmingham, and is now working for High Speed Two (HS2), with a focus on GIS and compulsory purchase.

Daniel Millin’s dissertation was on ‘Community response to flooding’. Daniel was working with the Community Flood Forum group and is now with the Housing Association.

Tom Peters’ dissertation was on ‘Car sharing in High Wycombe’ and he is now working as a Transport Planner.

Alex Harding is worthy of a special mention. After leaving school with poor A Level results, Alex left education for ten years before embarking on this MSc course. At the awards ceremony yesterday, Alex received a distinction for her first class dissertation, which was on ‘Edible Insects in the West’, which has been submitted for a prize. Thanks to this, Alex has secured a job with the Food Foundation in London, an independent organisation that aims to present solutions to government and the private sector to address the growing challenges facing the UK’s food system.