Tackling the challenges of rural Europe

Professor Janet Dwyer has been invited as a key speaker to attend an International Scientific Conference in Slovakia, taking place at the University of Agriculture in Nitra, Slovakia on 3-4 December 2015.

The conference is entitled ‘Sustainability of Rural Areas in Practice’ and its objective is to introduce new creative approaches to deal with key issues of rural areas development and to define new directions and practical examples for rural development, to present common and specific challenges and solutions, and to formulate recommendations for policymakers and institutions.

In her presentation, Janet will be tackling the subject of new approaches to revitalize the rural economy. She will argue that new approaches are needed, which can work with global and local processes, to meet the significant challenges that face rural Europe. Long term challenges include climate change, increasing scarcity of fossil fuels and the ageing indigenous population, whilst others are subject to political uncertainly such as economic stagnation and unemployment, pressures from in-migration, and constrained public finances. The presentation will examine contrasting examples and approaches and draw some general lessons for the new Rural Development Programmes, 2015-2020.

More information can be found at http://www.surap.eu/