Jane Mills attends SoilCare project meeting in Brussels

SoilCare project meeting in progress

Jane Mills attended a Work Package leaders meeting for the SoilCare project at the Milieu offices in Brussels on 14th and 15th November.

The SoilCare project aims to test and promote promising soil-improving cropping systems and agronomic techniques that increase both the profitability and sustainability of agriculture across Europe. The CCRI is the Work Package Leader for Dissemination and Communication in the project with the aim of raising awareness of soil related issues and ensuring that findings and practices from the project are disseminated and communicated widely and integrated into existing agricultural and advisory systems.

The 5-year project has recently reached its half-way point and the meeting with the Work package leaders focused on discussing progress and plans for the next year.

This research is funded by the EU under its Horizon 2020 programme and the CCRI is one of 28 collaborating partners, led by Alterra, University of Wageningen, The Netherlands. Further information about the project can be found here www.soil-project.eu