Janet Dwyer to give keynote presentation at ENRD workshop

On 27th November the European Network for Rural Development host a one-day workshop in Brussels entitled ‘Vibrant Rural Ares: Rural Jobs’. CCRI Director Janet Dwyer and Katarina Kubinakova will be attending, with Janet giving a keynote presentation on Employment opportunities in rural areas and related support mechanisms.

Katarina said “I am looking forward to meeting a number of people from across EU as  hope to discuss with them some of the ongoing work concerning  socio-economic development in rural areas that we are conducting here in CCRI as well as broaden our network of contacts.”

The workshop which will see a range of stakeholders, including representatives of Member States, EU organisations, regional and local stakeholders, research institutes and NGOs will establish a stronger understanding of employment opportunities in rural areas and related support mechanisms, taking into account the wider rural perspective and different aspects of rural employment. It will showcase inspiring initiatives and projects and will enable participants to share their experience and ideas.

The overall objectives of the workshop are as follows:

  • Provide an overview of the prevailing contextual issues and trends regarding rural employment.
  • Explore different aspects of rural employment including social inclusion, pathways to creating and sustaining rural jobs, emerging trends and support mechanisms.
  • Showcase practical examples of inspiring initiatives and projects.
  • Encourage and enable participants to share their experience and ideas.
  • Establish stronger understanding of rural job opportunities and related support mechanisms.

The agenda for the workshop can be viewed on the ENRD website.