RUST Project video now available

A video concerning the ‘RUST’ (Rurality as a Vehicle for Urban Sanitation Transformation) project that has involvement from CCRI Research Assistant, Dilshaad Bundhoo has now been made available on the University of Gloucestershire’s Research Repository.

The RUST project seeks to examine how the strong rural connections of these communities, sustained by circular migration and the continued importance of traditional livelihoods, can be used to strengthen sanitation systems. Drawing on local perspectives on resource use, waste management and other areas, it will identify ways that approaches such as recycling can be adapted to these urban contexts. The short video is an illustration of the ground observations of the informal settlements in Hyderabad, India.

The project is being led by Kenny Lynch, from the School of Natural and Social Sciences within the University of Gloucestershire. Dilshaad Bundhoo has been involved as a post-doctoral research assistant. Kenny will be presenting a research briefing designed to help engage discussion for co-analysis and forms an essential part of the research designed in the interest of scientific rigour, practice-driven policy advice and a pragmatic approach to impactful research in Hyderabad at a RUST project meeting on 26th November.

Pockets of Informal settlements: Hyderabad India‘ – a video for the RUST project, can be accessed via the University of Gloucestershire’s Research Repository.