Working together to manage our Commons

On Monday 7th December, Chris Short will be attending the National Common Land Stakeholder Group in Bristol.

Defra established a National Common Land Stakeholder Group in 2006 to advise on matters relating to the management of commons and particularly on the implementation of the Commons Act. The group provides advice to the Government to inform development of policy in order to help commons to be managed more sustainably by commoners and landowners working together through commons councils with powers to regulate grazing and other agricultural activities

Amongst other things, Chris will be reporting on the Defra support Task and Finish group that he chairs on Common Land and Basic Payment Scheme.

Still on the theme of commons, Chris will be in Herefordshire on Wednesday 9th December where he is helping facilitate a meeting in which is aimed at establishing a Commons Network for the county.

Chris has considerable expertise in issues relating to commons across Europe and has published several papers related to commons.