Innovating agriculture – VALERIE newsletter and case study updates

EU funded project VALERIE  ‘Valorising European Research for Innovation in Agriculture and Forestry’ aims to improve access for practitioners and advisers to information from research in agriculture and forestry, from European and national sources.

The CCRI team has been developing a co-innovation methodology in 10 case studies across Europe representing different farming and forestry systems. Working with advisers, farmers, processors, researchers, supply chain actors and decision makers has led to identification and testing of promising innovation solutions. It has also provided an understanding of how translation processes operate which will help to improve future research design.

The latest VALERIE  newsletter summarises the activities in some of the case studies, as well as an update on the ask-Valerie tool.

A recent journal publication describes the methodology in more detail:

Ingram, J., Dwyer, J., Gaskell, P., Mills, J. and de Wolf, P. (2018) Reconceptualising translation in agricultural innovation: A co-translation approach to bring research knowledge and practice closer together. Land Use Policy, 70, pp.38-51.