CCRI researcher delivering University NVivo training

CCRI Research Assistant, Hannah Chiswell has recently undergone QSR’s ‘NVivo Certified Expert’ course. The course prepares users to provide expert advice to others in their businesses or organisations. Hannah now plans to deliver several NVivo training courses for users and prospective users here at the University of Gloucestershire. The ‘NVivo Certified Expert’ course involves a number of tests and three project challenges.

Hannah started using NVivo in 2012 when she was handling a significant amount of qualitative data. “I had a lot of interview transcripts and I just couldn’t see a way of doing it justice by dealing with it manually” she said. “When I saw what NVivo could do, I just wanted to tell everyone about it!” she continued.

Having undergone the expert course, Hannah is working closely with colleagues in the Academic Development Unit to develop an NVivo training provision at the University of Gloucestershire which commences in 2019.

What is NVivo? Who might benefit from using it?

NVivo is a software package that supports the analysis of qualitative data, as well as survey responses and even pictures, videos and audio recordings. The software can organise your data and help you analyse and explore responses. If you’re dealing with any of the aforementioned data – no matter how voluminous – Hannah says you can benefit from using NVivo. “If you think it might be of help to you, it’s definitely worth checking out” she said. “They have a great YouTube channel, which is a really accessible way of finding out what NVivo can do.”

Training at the University of Gloucestershire

The first introductory session – ‘NVivo for beginners’ – is scheduled for the 16th January (10:15-13:15). The session will provide an introduction to the NVivo workspace and its key tools and features, including coding, creating nodes and running text searches and queries. The session is likely to be of interest to a wide range of researchers and is open to all. Secure your place, here:

An advanced course will be offered later in the year.