CCRI SUFISA team head to Belgium

Next week, Damian Maye, Mauro Vigani and Hannah Chiswell will be travelling to Belgium as part of the SUFISA project.  As the Horizon 2020 project progresses towards its final stages, the two day visit will draw together conclusions from the final reports and highlight some key messages to carry forward. The trip will involve a project team meeting in Leuven, followed by a stakeholder workshop in Brussels on Tuesday.

The project team meeting on Monday 10th will comprise of a range of discussions concerning the various Work Packages and initial preparations for the final SUFISA conference which will take place in Krakow, Poland in March 2019.

The following day, the SUFISA team will be conducting a stakeholder workshop. This will provide the research teams from across Europe the opportunity to see how stakeholders are reacting to and utilising the industry scenario data conducted as part of Work Package 5. The work explored the impact of different scenarios on the performance and sustainability of the different sectors. The workshop will seek to test and verify this work.

 “Seeing how real industry stakeholders and policy relate to our work is an important part of the research process” said Hannah, a member of the CCRI research team. “It’s really nice to see how our research is being talked about in the ‘real world’”, she continued. The afternoon session will consider the best ways in which to deploy strategies identified in SUFISA research in policy and decision making, e.g. in the new CAP or, in the UK case, post-Brexit. There will be a range of stakeholders, such as European Commission representatives, Food and Drink organisations and NGOs attending the event.

The purpose of SUFISA is to identify sustainable practices and policies in the agricultural, fish and food sectors that support the sustainability of primary producers in a context of multi-dimensionsal policy requirements, market uncertainties and globalisation. The CCRI case studies included dairy farming in Somerset and inshore fisheries in Cornwall.

You can download a range of reports from SUFISA via the links below:

[ddownload id=”18751″ text = “Dairy policy brief“]  [ddownload id=”18749” text = “Dairy summary report“] [ddownload id=”18752” text = “Inshore fisheries policy brief“]  [ddownload id=”18750” text = “Inshore fisheries summary report“] [ddownload id=”18753” text = “UK Case Study full report“]

More details about the EU Horizon 2020 funded project can be found on the SUFISA website.