APM Qualification Success

With so much of the CCRI’s work being carried out in the form of projects, whether it be research grants and contracts, consultancy, publications or events, we have always taken seriously the need to ensure that those staff tasked with leading and managing these projects are suitable qualified and experienced.

As a part of this, and to formalised and standardise the approach, we have been putting a growing number of staff through the Association for Project Management’sProject Fundamentals Qualification‘. The APM is the chartered body for project management in the UK, so this represents a real investment in our staff and in their capabilities to effectively deliver project work for both the University and our funders.

Our first round of colleagues to successfully complete this programme were:

  • Paul Courtney
  • Isabel Fielden
  • Carol Markey
  • Jane Mills
  • Chris Rayfield
  • Matt Reed

We are pleased to congratulate the following colleagues who have now also completed this training:

  • Rob Berry
  • Jasmine Black
  • Dilshaad Bundhoo
  • Hannah Chiswell
  • Charlotte Chivers
  • Peter Gaskell
  • Dan Keech
  • Katarina Kubinakova
  • Nick Lewis
  • Nenia Micha
  • Mauro Vigani

We are looking forward to others who will join this list, and to seeing a number of those listed here progressing through the APM qualifications so that their skills and knowledge can be formally recognised.