Artist in residence works in pioneering Rewilding Region

Antony Lyons, Artist in Residence at the CCRI and lead for the ‘Here Commons Everybody’ creative programme has just completed his first fieldwork phase for the Endangered Landscapes Partnership in the Greater Côa Valley, Portugal. Working closely with local communities in the Côa Valley and public archaeologist, Bárbara Carvalho, Antony has been exploring and recording this impressive riverine landscape. The focus is on the interwoven, entangled geographies of water, people, forests, animals, soil and stone. This is a region with a rich cultural heritage dating from the Palaeolithic and the project outcomes will reflect on spirit-of-place and layers of time – prompting imaginations of a future where both bioabundance and communities can flourish. The processes and resulting artworks include acoustic field-recordings, diverse voices/memories, music-based data sonifications, photography and moving-image. 

The project will culminate in a co-created ‘Wild Côa Symphony’ involving the entire journey of the Côa River.

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