Julie Ingram presents at international conference

This week, Professor Of Innovation For Sustainable Agriculture Julie Ingram presented at the Second International Conference on farmer-centric On-Farm Experimentation.

The event which ran from December 5th – 7th was hosted by Cornell University and took place in a virtual format. With over 160 participants from 41 countries, a wealth of backgrounds were represented including academia, agronomy, NGOs and government. Julie is a member of the Scientific and Organising Committee for the conference and presented findings from a UK workshop with Farmer Led Innovation Network (FLIN) on a Value Proposition Canvas for ‘On-Farm Experimentation’ (OFE), and facilitated break out groups discussing OFE Strategy and Implementation themes.

There were a selection of presentations, keynotes and workshops covering the topic of OFE which is defined as an innovation process that brings agricultural stakeholders together around mutually beneficial experimentation to support farmers’ own management decisions. Outputs associated with the conference will be made available in due course and can be found on the OFE website.

The conference, the second for the OFE community, launched the Global OFE Network – GOFEN- an association of agricultural stakeholders dedicated to promoting and progressing farmer-centric On-Farm Experimentation as an innovation process to foster positive change. More details regarding OFE can be found here.

Publications from Julie Ingram can be found on the University of Gloucestershire’s Research Repository.