Study on the competitiveness of European wines: UK case study

With an analysis of UK market data, policy and literature, the review, which focused solely on still wine, also incorporated face-to-face interviews with stakeholders and gave consideration to characteristics associated with packaged (bottled) wine and wine imported in bulk for bottling in the UK.

The review covered three broad areas:

  1. UK Market Overview – key market data and trends related to wine importation, expenditure and consumption.
  2. UK Market Operations and Characteristics – details of the key players and trading relationships within the UK wine sector; market and policy developments.
  3. Factors Affecting the Competitiveness of Wines – perceptions of EU and New World Country (NWC) wines within the UK; what is important to consumers, and future considerations.

A summary of the findings of the UK case study can be downloaded here.

More information, including the full study, can be downloaded from the European Commission website.