UK Commercial Fishing Social Survey Pilot

This project is an extension of previous Fisher Social Survey work undertaken by the team, leveraging the insights and methodologies established in the previous stages. The focus of this phase is to conduct two pilot survey rounds to gather data on the fishing industry and its stakeholders across selected regions in England and then on a national scale, potentially including Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland if necessary. This will span a 16-month period, involving the regional trial in the spring and then the national trial in the autumn.

A key aspect of this project is the continued emphasis on a collaborative approach, ensuring the valuable input of policymakers and industry stakeholders. This approach is critical for generating relevant and insightful data that will contribute to more informed, effective, and inclusive policy-making and industry practices within the fishing sector.

Beginning in December 2023, this DEFRA funded project is led by Julie Urquhart and will involve colleagues at Fishing into the Future.

Previous work: Feasibility Study for a Survey of Fishers

CCRI Ref: 2020-090h-08