Peatland Restoration on Exmoor – Review and Recommendations

The Exmoor Mire Restoration project is a highly regarded project which began in July 2006. During this period restoration work has taken place at 12 moorland locations on Exmoor, which has resulted in the re-wetting of over 300 hectares of moorland. The project activities have included blocking ditches with bales, wood and peat dams and water management. Funding has now been secured for a new phase of project activity under the new ‘Mires on the Moors’ project, which will run from 2010 to 2015.

CCRI was commissioned

  1. To conduct a review of peatland restoration on Exmoor to identify the impacts of the project to date, incorporating both expert and local stakeholder opinion.
  2. To give guidance to the Steering Group on how best to proceed with future peatland restoration, while furthering National Park purposes and having regard to the economic and social well being of the local community.

The work took place in two phases. A review phase looked at existing peatland restoration data and existing peatland restoration and management projects and a second phase of field work involving in-depth interviews with experts and landowners and a stakeholder workshop also took place.   The final report for the project was submitted to the Exmoor Mire Restoration Project Steering Group in October 2010, making recommendations on how future peatland restoration work might be best encouraged, supported and organised.  Download project summary [ddownload id=”3299″]

See the Exmoor Mires Restoration webpage.

Jane Mills was the project leader and was assisted by Chris Short, Julie Ingram, Bekki Griffiths and Janet Dwyer (CCRI), Lindsey McEwen and Frank Chambers, (University of Gloucestershire) and Graeme Kirkham, (Cornwall Council). The project value was £22,915.