Evaluating the effectiveness of Environmental Stewardship for the conservation of historic buildings

The research had three objectives:

  1. To review and update the method of assessment designed by ADAS in 2003 to reflect Environmental Stewardship being a single scheme with maintenance and restoration options, and to allow the testing of the new processes in place, including the HLS historic building assessment process and its effectiveness.
  2. Using the agreed revised methodology, to undertake an assessment of the effectiveness of Environmental Stewardship for historic building conservation, including the examination of a sample of buildings that have received funding and the consideration of any patterns of uptake.
  3. Based on the outputs of Objective 2, to develop a series of recommendations for future scheme development.

The research took place from September 2013 to May 2014 and the research team members were:
Dr Peter Gaskell (Project Leader), Professor Paul Courtney, Nick Lewis, Dr Rob Berry, Will Barber (CCRI). Bob Edwards (Forum Heritage Services). Fiona Moore, Diarmuid O’Seaneachain, John Lord and Robert Edwards (ADAS). Ken Murphy (Dyfed Archaeological Trust), Huw Pritchard.

Access final reports via the UoG research repository.