Post-Covid Knowledge Exchange in Agriculture: Evaluating Current Practice and Co-designing a Digital Solution to Connect Farmers and the AKIS

Taking place over 15 months from December 2020 to February 2022, Julie Ingram, Nick Lewis and Caitlin Hafferty worked with a group of partners – namely RSK ADAS Ltd, Agri-techE, The Farming Forum, Innovative Farmers and the Open Coop – to co-create a new digital solution (Farm-PEP), bringing together tools, experience and knowhow to provide a dedicated Covid-secure
online community space for Knowledge Exchange, in response to the ongoing disruption caused by Covid-19. During the initial stages of the project, the CCRI led on a rapid appraisal of of the impact of Covid-19 on knowledge in agriculture. This included an online survey in addition to stakeholder interviews and workshops, the reports from which can be found at the bottom of this page.

The main output of the project was a co-created Farm PEP website that enables interactions between those involved in agriculture, a place where they can connect, share and develop ideas, pool data, and bring together a wealth of knowledge & experience that can drive forward the collective capacity and knowledge across the sector. This website continues to be developed through a second Innovate UK project, which involves a number of the original project partners.

Project Reports:

Stakeholder Workshop Analysis Report

Online Survey Analysis Report

Stakeholder Interview Analysis Report

Synthesis Report

Funded by Innovate UK

CCRI REF: 2020-003