Forgotten landscape project feasibility study and business plan

The Forgotten Landscapes Project was a joint initiative funded by the Heritage Lottery fund and the Welsh Government. The purpose of the programme was the protection of industrial heritage, which is reflected in its designation as a World Heritage Site. The conservation of upland common land and the cultural practices which sustain the heather moorland and maintain access for the general public.

There were four elements to the project:

(i) conservation of the natural and built environment

(ii) education

(iii) access and

(iv) training which are achieved through a combination of information provision, educational materials, volunteer effort, training and practical landscape and habitat management.

The CCRI worked in partnership with Commons Vision to assist the Forgotten Landscapes Partnership to determine how FLP can build on its achievements, experience, skills and assets to create a realistic machinery and land management service business model as part of its exit strategy that will sustain the benefits of the HLF project.

The final report was submitted in August 2013 and was well received.

Chris Short led the CCRI part of the project, assisted by Nick Lewis.