Study on the analysis of climate hotspots in Member States as regards rural development (EAFRD)

The general objective of this research was to provide for a “proper analysis of the climate hotspots in each Member State in order to support an increased level of ambition with regards to climate action in rural areas via the priorities as set out in the Partnership Agreements, as well as in concrete measures in the rural development programmes, and taking into account Member State specific knowledge on the main causes of greenhouse gas emissions in the rural areas as well as ecologic, economic and social risks of the expected degree of climate change conditions and taking into account the available funding and measures under the EAFRD”.

The output of the project was a final report and 28 briefing documents, one for each current Member State, describing the main climate hotspots in the Member States, and detailing recommendations and exemplary measures to address these climate hotspots from the possibilities offered by the new EU rural development policy.

The research took place between October 2013 and March 2014.