Evaluating the contribution of Fisheries Management Plans Toward Ocean Sustainability

The Fisheries Act 2020 sets out the framework for ensuring the sustainable stewardship of marine resources in UK fishing waters. The Act recognises the need to look beyond top-down command and control approaches to managing complex and diverse fisheries, and this will be achieved by the co-development of Fisheries Management Plans (FMPs) with fisheries stakeholders. Each FMP will focus on one or more stocks, will be applicable to different geographical areas and will place binding obligations on the relevant national fishing authorities. 

This project will involve an independent, process, impact and value for money evaluation of the FMP programme and of the development and implementation of FMPs in England and FMPs jointly delivered by England and Wales. 

Funded by DEFRA, this project will run from September 2022 until March 2025, is being led by ICF, and will also involve Howell Marine Consulting. CCRI’s team is led by Dr Julie Urquhart and will involve Dr Hannah Chiswell, Nick Lewis, Dr Alice Goodenough, Dr Matt Reed and Prof Paul Courtney. 

CCRI Ref: 2021-157