Encouraging Woodland Creation Regeneration and Tree Planting on Agricultural Land: A Literature Review

This literature review aimed to explore and consolidate current evidence on the socio-cultural opportunities and barriers associated with land owner and land manager decision making with regard to tree planting in agricultural systems. Of particular focus was those insights which could help in co-designing, with the farming community, more effective interventions aimed at securing long term land use change that provide for enhanced ecosystem values, as well as positive improvements in social welfare at both local and national levels. Identification of gaps in knowledge and understanding were a significant outcome of the research, and enabled recommendations to be made for future targeted research in those areas. 

The review, funded by Natural England, took place in early January 2021 and involved colleagues Dr Phil Staddon, Dr Julie Urquhart, Jane Mills, Dr Alice Goodenough, Dr Jon Powell, Mauro Vigani and Phillipa Simmonds.

Project Report:

Literature Review

CCRI REF: 2020-060