CCRI Publication Successes – Winter 2023-24

Over the past few months, CCRI researchers continue to successfully publish a wide range of articles. Full details of all CCRI publications can be found on the University of Gloucestershire’s Research Repository. Please note, not all articles may be available due to publisher embargo.

Ricart, Sandra, Ingram, Julie, Reddy, A Amarender, Cradock-Henry, Nicholas A. and Kirk, Nicholas (2023) The social side of agroecological systems: farmers’ adaptation capacity. Frontiers in Agronomy, 5.

Keech, Daniel, Clarke, Lucy E and Short, Christopher J (2023) Nature-based solutions in flood risk management: Unlocking spatial, functional and policy perceptions amongst practitioners in South-West England. Nature-Based Solutions, 4.

Mylan, Josephine, Andrews, John and Maye, Damian (2023) The Big Business of Sustainable Food Production and Consumption: Exploring the transition to alternative proteins. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 120 (47).

Shepherd, Sebastian, Chivers, Charlotte-Anne, Mills, Jane et al. (2021) Collection of human and environmental data on pesticide use in Europe and Argentina: Field study protocol for the SPRINT project. PLoS ONE, 16 (11).

Ambrose-Oji, Bianca, Urquhart, Julie, Hemery, Gabriel, Petrokofsky, Gillian, O’Brien, Liz, Jones, Glyn and Karlsdóttir, Berglind (2024) The opportunities and challenges to co-designing policy options for tree health with policy makers, researchers and land managers. Land Use Policy, 136.

Goodwin-Hawkins, Bryonny, Mahon, Marie, Farrell, Maura and Dafydd Jones, Rhys (2023) Situating spatial justice in counter-urban lifestyle mobilities: relational rural theory in a time of crisis. Geografiska Annaler: Series B, Human Geography, 105 (4).

Goodwin-Hawkins, Bryonny (2024) Quality of life, Cohesion Policy, and the European social model, in EU Cohesion Policy: A Multidisciplinary Approach. Edward Elgar.

Cole, Robert, Gittins, Heli, and Dandy, Normal (2024) Agroforestry in the UK: exploring consumer knowledge and interest, in British Food Journal.

Black, Jasmine, Maye, Damian, Krzywoszynska, Anna and Jones, Stephen (2023) What constitutes food system resilience? The importance of divergent framings between UK mainstream and local food system actors. British Food Journal.