CCRI Launches Podcast

The CCRI is excited to launch the first in a series of three Podcasts.

After much planning behind the scenes, today the CCRI launches its inaugural podcast.  Featuring the current placement students Marie Steytler and Harry Batchelor, the episode will shine a light on the experiences of the placement students as the CCRI begins recruiting for their replacements. Applications for these roles will close on 2nd April. Previous placement students have progressed to careers in academia, renewable industries and the Met Office, amongst many others.

The Podcast, which is the first of three, was recorded at the University of Gloucestershire’s Park campus by L5 Journalism students.  The CCRI intends to maintain the relationship with these and future students as it offers us an excellent opportunity to present our work in a new and popular format whilst offering the students the chance to produce ‘real world’ material as part of their undergraduate course further enhancing their portfolio.

The decision to feature the placement students in the first episode was taken to showcase the importance of the role and give future applicants an idea of what to expect.

Harry, who is at the University of Leeds studying Environmental Science said “I believe this placement podcast offers prospective applicants an in-depth insight in what it is like working at CCRI as a placement student. The podcast is from a placement perspective, so we hope it really guides applicants’ decision making when thinking about applying to various placements“.

Marie is studying Animal Science at the University of Newcastle added “although I recorded what I thought was some very entertaining content, not all of it seems to have made the final edit! In spite of that, it was great to chat with Harry and Nick about the trials and tribulations of my experience of being a placement student here and I am sure the Podcast will give future applicants an idea of what to expect. I will certainly be looking forward to the future episodes!

The Podcast is available here:
The Countryside and Community Research Institute Podcast: Episode One – Pride of Place(ment).