Julie Ingram presenting and contributing to 14th European IFSA Symposium

This week Professor Julie Ingram is attending the 14th European Farming Systems Conference (IFSA – European Group) at the University of Évora, Portugal. The main focus of this years’ Conference will be Farming Systems Facing Climate Change and Resource Challenges.

The conference will discuss and reflect upon how farming systems will be able to adapt to the pressures of Climate Change and resource challenges. It is hoped that the IFSA community will be active in contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

The symposium will be structured around six themes:

  1. Innovation support services
  2. The intersection of science and practice: farming system perspectives
  3. Agroecology as a response to climate change
  4. Food systems, networks and power structures
  5. Smart technologies in farming and food systems
  6. Landscape integration of farming

Julie, who is on the IFSA steering committee, will be presenting a paper entitled ‘The cumulative tradition of decision support systems research: new perspectives on success‘, attending various workshops and also convening the symposium’s second theme ‘The intersection of science and practice: farming system perspectives‘.

Later this month, Julie will also present her inaugural Professorial lecture at the University of Gloucestershire, which you can attend for free by booking online. More details regarding Julie’s lecture, which is entitled ‘Unpacking the multiple meanings of innovation for sustainable agriculture: the who, what, how and why?‘ can be found on the eventbrite page.