CCRI at 12th European IFSA Symposium


The CCRI is well represented at the 12th European IFSA Symposium, which begins today (12th July) at Harper Adams University and runs until 15th July.

Julie Ingram, Jane Mills and James Kirwan are all involved in co-convening workshops and presenting papers.

The theme of the Symposium is ‘Social and technological transformation of farming systems: Diverging and converging pathways’.

Understanding farming as systems acknowledges interconnections and dependencies among its many human and non-human dimensions. Changes in farming systems take place all the time, at levels ranging from individual to farm level, to the environments of farming and from local to global. This symposium will focus on particular kinds of change – social and technological transformation – and consider not only what is changing in terms of these dimensions and their contexts, but how they relate to each other and how purposeful social and technological transformation of farming systems in different parts of the world are realized and how they could be brought about in the future.

Julie Ingram is co-convening two workshops. These are Workshop 3.4 Boundary spanning between agroecological and conventional production systems: Implications for pathways towards more sustainable production and Workshop 4.1 Boosting research outputs: novel approached for integrating research translation with interactive co- innovation, which will showcase the work of the EU project VALERIE. She is also presenting a paper in Workshop 4.1 : Inserting co-innovation into research translation: experiences from the VALERIE project (Julie Ingram, Pete Gaskell, Jane Mills, Janet Dwyer, Pieter de Wolf).

In addition, Julie will be presenting papers in Workshop 1.2: Monitoring and Evaluation for Learning and Innovation: Taking farmers on a journey: experiences evaluating learning in Farmer Field Labs in UK ( Matt Reed, Julie Ingram, Jane Mills, and Tom MacMillan).

Jane Mills is is facilitating a workshop discussion on the Social and environmental impact of robotics and autonomous systems in farming.

James Kirwan is co-convening Workshop 5.4, Exploring farmers’ conditions, strategies and performances in a context of multi-dimensional policy requirements, market imperfections and globalisation: Towards a conceptual mode. James is also presenting two papers at this workshop, which are:

Towards Sustainable Strategies for Fisheries and Aquaculture (Prosperi, Paolo., Bartolini, Fabio., Brunori, Gianluca., Grando, Stefano., Kirwan, James., Maye, Damian., Vergamini, Daniele and Vigani, Mauro )


Understanding dairy farmers’ and inshore fishers’ adaptive capacity: a resilience perspective. (Kirwan, J., Maye, D., Vigani, M. and Bundhoo, D.)

James is also co-convening Workshop 3.1, Sustainability of food chains: contested assessments.

More information about the Symposium can be found on the Harper Adams University website.

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