Integrating Heritage into Land Management Plans 

Building upon a stakeholder review, this DEFRA funded Test and Trial comprised a partnership between Historic England, the National Trust within the umbrella of the wider Stepping Stones Project (which includes the Shropshire Hills AONB Partnership, a farmer cluster, Shropshire Council and Natural England) and the Countryside and Community Research Institute.  

The principal aim was to address where and how land managers and the bodies administering the new schemes get heritage data and advice (with a particular emphasis upon the role of Historic England as an ALB and ALGAO as a delivery partner), testing different formats of data and advice provision within Land Management Plans. It also considered how to identify if an activity is a national or local priority, and how these then link together across agreements within the Landscape Recovery Scheme (with reference to the Local Nature Recovery Strategies now being piloted by Natural England). 

Having helped design the Test and Trial from the outset, our role focused on Monitoring and Evaluation support to the T&T. As an expert in this area, Dr Pete Gaskell led this work for the CCRI over the period of the project, February 2022 to May 2023. 

CCRI REF: 2020-018