Developing Resources to Support The Cultural Regeneration of South West High Streets

UoG is working with Arts Council England (South West) to develop plans for a resource hub for cultural regeneration on the high street. Outputs from this collaboration will include:

1. an initial report on knowledge and expertise in the use of culture and creativity in placed-based regeneration/development.

2. case studies of meanwhile space & creatively animating the public realm with a small number of experienced organisations across the SW

3. and a plan to share the findings across LA, particularly Priority Places in the SW.

The UoG team includes Adam Sheppard (School of Arts and Design) and Daniel Keech (CCRI), and the work will be completed in the last quarter of 2023. It follows fast on the heels of on-going work in Gloucester where a larger UoG team is exploring ways to evaluate intangible ‘pride of place’ linked to culture-led regeneration.