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Surveys: why do we… ask so many personal questions?

When we do surveys, we often collect a large amount of information from respondents that they may feel is personal to them and is not relevant to the topic of the survey. This post explains the utility and importance of doing so, even though it can be tiresome to complete by the respondants.
Farm scene in New England USA Barns and soilos

A snapshot of rural issues across northern New England

CCRI's resident blogger, John Powell has recently returned from a trip to New England. During his time stateside he visited many rural areas and has written this piece discussing some of the issues these rural communities are facing.

Fishing with Loons in Maine

John Powell is currently on holiday. He still finds time however to pen a blog about what he is up to - always with an eye on 'the commons'.

At Walden Pond

The colours of the trees are vibrant in the strong sunlight, set off against a deep blue sky on a clear October day.  Walden Pond is where Henry David Thoreau built a cabin in the woods ‘by his own hand’…

CCRI Placement Student 2019-2020

Last week in the CCRI we were joined by our latest placement student for 2019-2020. Find out more about Bethany Leake who has joined the team from the University of Leeds.