Julie Ingram joins editorial board for Sustainable Intensification and Ecosystem Services

CCRI’s Julie Ingram has been invited onto the editorial board of the Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems journal new ‘Sustainable Intensification & Ecosystem Services’ section.

Sustainable Intensification and Ecosystem Services is a speciality section that aims to publish pioneering and innovative peer-reviewed articles that will build the evidence base for appropriate and effective sustainable intensification of all farming systems, including smallholder, commodity cropping, urban food production and aquaculture.

It welcomes high quality and original contributions that quantify the various costs, benefits and risks of different pathways to developing sustainable food systems, their reliance on natural capital and ecosystem services, and the interventions needed to put agriculture on a more sustainable path. Interdisciplinary studies that identify constraints, thresholds and opportunities for enhancing levels of sustainability and production are particularly welcome, as are studies that balance potential positive and / or negative impacts across scales of space and time.

Julie’s expertise on agricultural knowledge and innovation systems, understanding farmer decision making and experience with stakeholder engagement methodologies will complement the others on the editorial board.