Pete Gaskell at Heritage Alliance workshop

historic farm building field 392x272Pete Gaskell was in London yesterday (28th April) attending a Heritage Alliance ‘Audience Mapping’ workshop.

The aim of the workshop was to assist the development of a new strategic plan for The Heritage Alliance by mapping and prioritising its audiences to enable better understanding and engagement with them.

With this in mind, four working groups focussed on audiences in  the following strategic areas:

1.    Shaping policy:  Using members’ knowledge and hands on experience to help shape a supportive policy and economic environment.
2.    Demonstrating value:  Finding new ways to show the importance of heritage in order to attract support and investment.
3.    Building skills and sharing best practice: Creating networks, building knowledge (particularly around new technology) showcasing new ideas, and identifying and encouraging innovation.
4.    Creating a strong, sustainable organisation: Building a strong, relevant future-ready model for the Heritage Alliance.

Pete was part of the working group for ‘demonstrating value’. He said,

“As the boundaries of what we consider to be heritage continue to expand, the workshop was an opportunity to bring together a wide variety of heritage interests and identify the different types of audience that the Heritage Alliance would like to reach and hold a conversation with.”

Find out more about the Heritage Alliance on their website.