CCRI branding update

The more observant followers of our social media platforms, Twitter and Facebook, SlideShare and YouTube may have noticed over the last 24 hours some subtle changes to our branding. Our ‘leaf’ logo and font has undergone a subtle change to bring it more up-to-date and aligned with the University of Gloucestershire branding.

We have been using our previous logo since around 2008 on our various promotional materials and to help create our identity. Over recent years we have felt that it has become a little dated and was in need of a refresh. At a time when the University of Gloucestershire has also recently undergone a branding re-design, we too have received a little ‘make-over’ and it will begin to appear on new reports, research summaries and other outputs from ourselves.

We hope you like the subtle changes we have made! Our new logos and icon are below.