Supurbfood project summary available to download

Dutch students visiting Bristol for Superbfood projectThe CCRI was one of several European partners researching into good practice in food production and consumption in urban areas as part of a major European Commission food project, Supurbfood.

Until recently, short food supply chains and multifunctional agriculture were considered to be part of the rural development realm. This project looked at these topics from the perspective of urban rather than rural development.

Supurbfood explored good practice in the development of food production and consumption within city regions. It investigated how short food chains make a contribution to local food needs, and what this means in terms of food waste, land and water use, as well as soil nutrient levels in the food production areas adjacent to cities.

Running from 2012 to 2015, the project looked at seven urban case-study regions across Europe: Bristol, Rome, Riga, Rotterdam, Vigo, Zurich and Ghent. The CCRI carried out research in the Bristol city-region, which includes Bath and North East Somerset, Bristol City, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset (formerly the county of Avon).

CCRI has now produced a project summary which can be downloaded. [ddownload id=”13743″ text=”Download project summary”]