Summer publication success for CCRI researchers

Dan Keech

The international journal ‘Food, Culture and Society‘ has accepted an article for publication written by CCRI’s Dr Dan Keech and Professor Marc Redepenning of Otto-Friedrich University in Germany. Following research on urban horticulture in the two UNESCO World Heritage Cities of Bath (UK) and Bamberg (Germany), the authors argue that interest in the eco-technical potentials of urban horticulture, such as green space protection, water resource management or its ability to improve household nutrition, frequently overlooks distinctive social details and long-established cultural traditions and knowledge. Drawing on the theories of German sociologists Luhmann and Nassehi, four different forms of ‘culturalisation’ are discussed that examine how consumer, instiutional, alternative and historical practices in urban horticulture are governed and executed in Bath and Bamberg. A better understanding of crucial social-cultural contexts may help avoid standardised normative approaches to urban sustainability and play a key role in multi-stakeholder decision-making in relation to future land use planning.

The article will be published in the June 2020 issue of ‘Food, Culture and Society’. More details are available from Dan

The full reference for the paper is:

Meanwhile, a trio of CCRI researchers are part of a multi-authored paper that has recently been published in the November edition of ‘Agricultural Systems’. Damian Maye, Julie Urquhart and Mauro Vigani were amongst over twenty other authors of a paper that has resulted from work conducted as part of the EU Horizon 2020 funded ‘SURE-Farm’ project. The paper, which is available via open access, presents a framework to assess the resilience of various farming systems. Many agricultural systems in Europe are facing an accumulating range of economic, ecological and societal challenges. It is these challenges that the project seeks to address and offer guidance and solutions to improve the resilience of farms and farming systems in the EU.

The full reference for the paper is:

  • Meuwissen, Miranda, Balmann, Alfons, Spiege, Alisa, Ciechomska, Anna, Kopainsky, Birgit, Soriano, Bárbara, Gavrilescu, Camelia, Lagerkvist, Carl Johan, Termeer, Catrien, Maye, Damian , Mathijs, Erik, Wauters, Erwin, Accatino, Francesco, Hansson, Helena, Herrera, Hugo, Coopmans, Isabeau, Candel, Jeroen, Urquhart, Julie , Zawalińska, Katarzyna, Peneva, Mariya, Vigani, Mauro , Poortvliet, P. Marijn, Feindt, Peter, Nicholas-Davies, Phillipa, Reidsma, Pytrik, Finger, Robert, Senni, Saverio, Severini, Simone, Slijper, Thomas, Vroege, Willemijn, Paas, Wim and de Mey, Yann (2019) A framework to assess the resilience of farming systems. Agricultural Systems. ISSN 0308-521X