Review of EU activity on agriculture and fisheries

Yesterday Defra launched a new call for evidence and invited farmers and fishermen to comment upon how they feel the EU has affected the UK national interest.

This is clearly an opportunity for many people to express their opinions on EU related matters, which are always a topical issue. The CCRI has conducted some research in the area of fishing over recent years – outside its normal areas of operation which tend to be more focussed on food, farming and agriculture.

The projects were led by John Powell, who commented, “recent work by the CCRI in 2011 and 2012 to explore the effects of the Cod Recovery Plan and alternative management options indicated the difficulties of managing mixed fisheries such as the North Sea.   Existing management approaches are rather blunt and have had a range of unintended impacts, some of which may be ameliorated through the revised Common Fisheries Policy.  This is a timely opportunity to explore the means for improving governance, which may benefit from deeper consideration of the nature of marine fisheries as a commons resource.”

Presentations related to this research can be found on the CCRI Slideshare page.