Active Together Programme Network Event

Paul Courtney and Katarina Kubinakova are currently working with Colin Baker and Diane Crone from the University of Gloucestershire’s School of Sport and Exercise to undertake a two year evaluation of the Active Together Programme, which is funded by Gloucestershire County Council and is seeking alternative ways of promoting health in the county through community projects and activities.

Professor Paul Courtney
Professor Paul Courtney

The mixed methods evaluation is utilising principles of Social Return on Investment (SROI) and Grounded Theory to produce a bespoke monitoring and evaluation framework.

A network event is being held for Active Together fund recipients and participants on 21st October at the University of Gloucestershire Growth Hub. The event is designed to promote communication across the 300 Active Together projects in Gloucestershire and to promote the forthcoming tranche of data collection which will feed into the SROI model.

Paul and Colin will be presenting on behalf of the project team to give an update on the evaluation and present some interim findings. They will also be launching a survey which will be used to inform an SROI model in late 2016, as part of a wider programme evaluation. The team will be facilitating breakout discussion groups to share ideas around impact and good practice.