Working with the Severn Vale Catchment Partnership

On 12 November, Chris Short and Rob Berry, together with Lucy Clarke, will be showcasing the CCRI and NSS (School of Natural and Social Sciences at the University of Gloucestershire) work around the area of catchment management at the Severn Vale Catchment Partnership meeting in Stroud.

The Severn Vale area includes many of the small rivers and brooks that drain into the lower River Severn or directly into the Severn estuary. The land is variable with mixed urban, agricultural and forested areas.

The event will include a viewing of the video below on natural flood management. In particular Rob will be presenting an update on the GIS laboratory that is being sponsored by Gloucestershire CPRE and Lucy will be outlining the range of work that CCRI and NSS are involved in across the catchment through research work and student projects.

The aim for the Severn Vale Catchment partnership is to explore how the various organisations can work together locally, as well as to highlight some of the great projects that are taking place across the Severn Vale and to network with potential partners and discuss future projects.

Chris Short and the CCRI has been involved in two connected projects, the Upper Thames Pilot Catchment  and Cotswold Water Park WILD Project

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