A new SURE-Farm Business Brief

The EU Horizon2020 project ‘SURE-Farm’ (Towards SUstainable and REsilient EU FARMing systems) has published a new Business Brief that aims to improve risk management for EU agriculture.

EU farming systems are facing increasing economic, social, environmental and institutional challenges and this new Business Brief from the SURE-Farm project, proposes solutions to deal with these risks in farming systems.

The brief is developed with the participation of many stakeholders across different EU agricultural sectors and it discusses four main avenues to improve risk management:

  • Useful, accessible and well-structured information.
  • Professional, adapted and widespread training and knowledge transfer.
  • New forms of cooperation among farmers and stakeholders.
  • New or improved products and services. Not only farmers but also value chain, financial institutions and public administration are part of the system to improve risk management towards resilient farming systems.

The Business Brief can be downloaded in English as a PDF from the SURE-Farm website.

The Business Brief is available in a ten other language options: Dutch, German, Italian, Polish, Romanian, Bulgarian, French, Norwegian, Swedish and Spanish. All are available from the SURE-Farm website.