Damian Maye article published in Special Issue Journal

The latest edition of the Journal ‘Emerging Topics in Life Sciences‘ is a Special Issue focussed on ‘Biosecurity: Tools, behaviours and concepts’ and features an article written by Damian Maye.

The Special Issue has been edited by Nicola Spence (UK Chief Plant Officer) and Alan MacLeod (Defra) and “brings together mini-reviews examining recent developments and thinking around some of the tools, behaviours and concepts around biosecurity. They illustrate the multi-disciplinary nature of the subject, demonstrating the interface between research and policy”.

The Special Issue can be viewed online, with access open access restricted to certain articles.


Damian’s article, which he co-authored with Kin Wing (Ray) Chan is entitled ‘On-farm biosecurity in livestock production: farmer behaviour, cultural identities and practices of care’. In the article, they argue for a socio-cultural approach to farmer biosecurity decision making.

The full reference for Damian and Ray’s article is: